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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Summer in Hogwarts- A Harry Potter Short Story

Author's Note:
I miss Harry Potter. The nagging pain wouldn't ebb away so I decided to write this short story on Severus and Lily (featuring James). I think from all the love stories that I have read and take into account also classics- Romeo and Juliet etc, my heart really goes out for Severus. It wasn't a love story because Lily never saw Severus the same way, but he loved her with every ounce of emotion in him, even when it broke his heart and even when Harry was nothing but a painful reminder of Lily. My heart swells for Severus Snape because he was the most realistic character in the whole of the Harry Potter Universe. True love is not just making promises to love till death do you part. True love is the art of letting go, the sacrifice and sometimes realising that you may never get that ;Happy Ending' maybe because reality doesn't will it. Because of this I respect Severus Snape because he loved unconditionally but despite his forced reality. 

Summer greeted Hogwarts like an old friend. The stately castle stood with grace and timeless beauty, a joyous radiance ejaculating from every sun-kissed brick. Even the shadows danced gleefully, a sense of bubbling happiness was found in every nook and corner of the castle. Students were filling up the grounds of the school draping the warm grass with colourful sheets and mats. Some were gathered for a good ol' picnic, where the delicious aroma of The Three Broomsticks’ Jam Tarts Specials filled the humidity in the air and not to forget one could hear the opening of bottles and glasses being filled of chilled butter beer. The atmosphere was light-hearted and care-free, one could hear a group laughing over Rita Skeeter’s latest fashion editorial in The Daily Prophet's Summer Special Edition. 

“Blimey” said one Ravenclaw fourth-year, “Perhaps wearing floral printed robes is the worst possible idea.” “Yeah” commented another fellow fourth-year Ravenclaw, “Millie Morgenstern from Hufflepuff was seen wearing this printed bright yellow dandelions robes to Potions class and apparently Professor Slughorn was so scandalized by her rather ‘bold move’ that he added too much moonshine into Millie potion batch and the whole cauldron exploded.” The former Ravenclaw chuckled and drowned her glass of butter beer with a satisfied smirk, “I believe this is what the muggles call a ‘fashion disaster’.”

Obscured from public view and very much away from the much talked ‘fashion drama’ and the music and dance that the students were engaging themselves in to, one student sat under the shade of a giant oak tree and indulged himself in a bit of reading. He was tall for his age with an average build and an equally average porcelain face. His long greasy jet black hair was swept back for today, though a few disobedient strands fell on his face and every few minutes he would push them back. You could say he was a bit of a loner, or rather he preferred to keep to himself, people either kept their distance from him or frequently bullied him. Basking under the sun, drinking, eating and singing songs off the Daily Prophet Pop Charts wasn't something Severus Snape was into. 

“Such a complete waste of time, how utterly annoying,” he would often say. Right now he was engrossed in A History of Magic, in the midst of a very interesting passage on Diricawls:

‘Little could be heard over the squawking of the Diricawls, the moaning of the Augureys, and the relentless, piercing song of the Fwoopers. As wizards and witches attempted to consult the papers before them, sundry pixies and fairies whirled around their heads, giggling and jabbering. A dozen or so trolls began to smash apart the chamber with their clubs, while hags glided about the place in search of children to eat. The Council Chief stood up to open the meeting, slipped on a pile of Porlock dung and ran cursing from the hall…’

He felt his eyes water, he could see the text of the book were blurry lines that seemed to merge altogether. He shut the book and stuffed it into his brown-leather satchel. All his classes were done for the day and he felt a sense of lassitude overcoming his senses. Severus stifled a yawn and blinked multiple times trying to shake off the weariness he was feeling. He could go to the Slytherin Dorm room and catch some sleep but the afternoon was lazy and the idea of getting up from his comfortable position seemed ridiculous. He relaxed into a sleeping position and set his satchel as a makeshift pillow for his head. He looked up and stared at the sky that was partially shrouded by the leaves of the giant oak tree. His thoughts directed him to another memory where he was lying in a grass field when he heard two female voices arguing.

"I'm not a freak. That's a horrible thing to say, Petunia."

“You’re a freak Lily! You’re a freak Lily! I don’t talk to freaks!”

He must have been around ten when he first saw the ginger-head girl sitting and sulking down by the riverbed. Even then Severus was a shy boy, but he mustered up enough courage to make his presence known. He tapped her shoulder and she turned to him, he was enamored. She had a lovely set of emerald green eyes, he couldn't help but stare into her eyes, he wasn't accustomed to seeing so much beauty and depth in a person’s eyes. His own were dull boring black. He sat down beside her and she smiled shyly and extended her hand towards him, “Lily Evans, the freak” he hesitated but took her hand, “Severus Snape, also a freak” he said softly. 

From that day on, they became the best of friends, he told her about all about the magical world and that it didn’t matter that she was a muggle, “You have magic blood in your veins. You’re special.” She would blush and say, “You are special too Severus.” 

Present day Severus felt a small smile form on his lips, Lily always had that effect on him. He felt his heart beat resounding clearly in his ears. Even though she ended up in Gryffindor and he in Slytherin, she was still nice to him but it always angered him when he saw her hanging out with that brash kid, James Potter and his posse. He sighed deeply, his heart sinking in his chest. Lucius Malfoy had heard rumours that Lily and James were a couple now, of course Malfoy relayed this news to Severus out of ‘concern’. Severus said nothing though a part of him died a little. Love as an emotion was something that he had no idea about. He never experienced love as a child and he never gave love otherwise but with Lily it was different. She was nice to him, she was kind to him and he for the first time opened up to someone. Severus always had a special corner for Lily in his heart and as the years passed by, that special corner burst into a blooming flower of love. Before Severus knew, he had fallen in love with Lily Evans, but she was apparently in love with someone else.

Severus sighed and gathered his satchel, he was about to leave when he heard voices. He stopped, he recognized that voice. It was the saccharine voice of an angel, the girl he was so deeply in love with. It was Lily. He hid behind the Oak tree and watched her quietly skip her way towards the clearing. Severus felt his pulse escalate and he couldn’t stop the wide smile that wore his countenance. Lily was dancing in the sun, a fiery red-headed dame, twirling and exclaiming in glee. Severus was about to step in, when a full bodied figure stepped in and covered her eyes. She squealed and patted the hands, shouting out guesses. Severus sunk against the oak tree and watched James Potter release his hands and take Lily’s hand into his. He twirled her around and lifted her into the air. Not very far away, Severus could feel his heart sinking into a pit of pain. Severus wanted to run away, but his limbs betrayed him and he stayed rooted to the ground. Ahead of him James brushed a lock of Lily’s hair under her ear and their forehead’s met. 

“I love you Lily Evans” he proclaimed. 

Behind the oak tree, Snape had a rising feeling of nausea attacking him, he prayed and silently hoped that Lily wouldn’t say-

“I love you too, James Potter”.

Severus could hear his heart shatter into infinite pieces. He could hear James rejoicing and Lily laughing melodiously. Severus tried to drown their sounds out but they resonated louder and louder in his head. Tears streamed down his face and a symphony of heartbreak and pain preceded, breaking his will and his stability. Severus sat there for a very long time, dwelling in his silent grief. Lily and James were long gone, but the gaping hole in his heart grew expanded, pangs of loneliness wounded him…

Summer in Hogwarts allowed lovers to meet, hearts entwined, friendships cemented and students claimed to have lived the best days of their lives. Away and far away from the contented crowd, one boy, stood alone and watched the woman of his dream from afar. He watched her walk hand in hand with his number one enemy but also the luckiest man in this world. He turned away, a realisation perched atop his broken heart. He would never be able to let her go. He could never fall in love again because Lily was the only woman ever worth loving. He wished for her all the joy and happiness even if she was with James. Even after all these years and even in the years that are yet to come, he would always be in love with Lily Evans.